Adult Day Program

Adult Day Care CenterThe Adult Day Center

What is the  Adult Day Program?

The Senior Resources Adult Day center is a home away from home for seniors in need of care, support or companionship.  In addition to the care provided to seniors, the program offers relief and education for caregivers and family members.

Structured Care

The Adult Day center in-house nurse and staff consult with the seniors’ physician, family, dietician, PT/OT, and all other professional medical providers, as a multi-disciplinary approach to caring, that ensures the senior participant receives optimal care while participating.



Family Assistance

In addition to the all the benefits provided directly to the senior, the Adult Day program also provides assistance to the family of the senior offering family members a break from providing care to the senior.  Whether it is for a couple of hours, or on a daily basis, we can provide the care and companionship that family members provide for a lifetime. The Adult Day services allow family members to work or rest while we provide care.  We are a family friendly alternative to a nursing home that is priced right.

Daily Services Offered

Dining Area

Dining Area

Health Care Support

In addition to our daily activities and services, we offer health care support to individuals in need. These services include:



A Home Away From Home

We take pride in providing an environment that is like a home away from home. The look, feel and attitude of our staff tell you immediately that you have made the best possible choice in choosing us to provide your care.

Hair Salon

Hair Salon

Our staff allows you to work, pursue individual interests or just rest as we take care of the senior who is most important to you.

Hours of Service

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Extended hours may be available.


Fees for participating are based on half day (0-3.5 hrs), full day (3.5-8 hrs) rates.

Payment options include private pay, Title XIX Waivers, long term care insurance, VA benefits and a sliding fee scale.

The program director is available to assist families and participants in the coordination of payment plans. For more information, call (563) 263-7292.