Medicare Assistance / SHIIP

(Senior Health Insurance Information Program)

SHIIPSenior Resources is the local sponsor for the State of Iowa Insurance Division’s SHIIP Program. Trained SHIIP volunteers provide up-to-date counseling on topics related to Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care Insurance and other health insurance issues.

Created in 1990 by the State of Iowa’s Insurance Division, SHIIP has helped thousands of Iowans sort through confusing Medicare and health insurance information.  SHIIP is a free and confidential service offered through the State of Iowa.

About our SHIIP Volunteers

Our SHIIP volunteers are an experienced, trained crew of older Iowans who know health insurance is confusing and have been there and can speak your language.  SHIIP volunteers complete an intensive training program and will give you the best information available.  They are always up-to-date on any changes.

What Can SHIIP Do For ME?

SHIIP volunteers will give you information to help you…

  • Understand your Medicare benefits and rights
  • Assess your needs so you can make informed decisions about health insurance
  • Compare and evaluate
    • Medicare supplements
    • Retiree health plan coverage
    • Medicare drug plans
    • Medicare advantage plans
    • Long term care insurance policies
  • Organize your medical bills, Medicare statements and file claims
  • Find assistance that help with Medicare costs and Medicare drug plans
  • Find assistance from other agencies, including Medicaid, when or if it’s appropriate

To make an appointment, call our office at 563-263-7292 and we will set you up with a SHIIP volunteer.  Email: